Major and minor tierces - was Bowell & centre holes

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Fri Jan 28 19:02:14 GMT 2005

What Canon Simpson actually said on the subject was:
#That in a peal of (say) eight bells, the " thirds " should be all major or
all minor. This #is considered correct; but we should rather like to hear a
peal in which the "thirds" #of the treble 4th, 5th and tenor bells are
"major," and those of the rest "minor."
As far as I know, nobody has produced a peal of eight where bells 1,4,5 & 8
have major thirds and the rest have minor thirds (and all eight have Hums
and Fundamentals in tune).
Benjamin Kipling

Birstall (West Yorkshire) have this tuning - except I think the 1 is minor
third. G&J 1919. So someone read Simpson's writings! I've rung a lot of
(very good) peals there and they are a really lovely peal of bells. Anyone
who claims that modern peals lack character need to pay them a visit. We
always thought the 4th sounded a bit odd and it was only when I realised
that it was (an attempt at) a major third bell that I realised why.


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