[Bell Historians] Wrought iron clappers - a byegone era.

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I recall that Kidderminster had wrought iron clappers put up in their new 12

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> Historians should listen to radio 4 at 8.00PM on Saturday 29th January
> extracts of Sir Winston Churchill's funeral are being broadcast. The
> left the Cathedral to the sole sound of the muffled bells being rung with
> wrought iron clappers throughout. Those who have never heard the glorious
> sound produced by a wrought iron clapper in a heavy bell then here is your
> chance. The tenor (a maiden bell) really does sound magnificent compared
> with the poor apology produced by today's SG. Why are the ringers always
> prepared to put up with second best whether it be clappers or springy
> making the bells difficult to handle? The pace of the ringing at the
> funeral enabled every bell to be heard and savoured compared with some of
> the sonic litter produced by today's speed merchants with their stick down
> the railings job i.e a peal of cinques on a 34.3/4 cwt twelve in 3hrs 8
> mins!
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