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Many thanks for the information. Look forward to chiming there one day!

Hope you will never have to re-rope St Catherine's - I fitted new chiming r=
opes in 1974; the old ones of 1936 were quite worn out, and a tortuous rout=
e they follow. I remember celebrating at the end by chiming the Lourdes hym=
n, very wicked as the church is conservative evangelical. However, the then=
Vicar, Revd Stanley Plunkett, came over, full of thanks for the ropes and =
for the tune, which reminded him of his native Ireland!=20


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The inspection went quite well, considering they have hardly ever been
swung, they were in quite good condition (better than St. Andrews)

Full wheels all in tact, bearings (plain) actually working, and bells abl=
to be swung. It's interesting to see the frame, you can tell the old 5 be=
were quite heavy as the frame has 'cut outs' at either end of the frame t=
allow the lip of the bell to swing.

Not sure how safe the bell frame is, as wouldn't know what to look for.

The vicar told us that they were not allowed to be swung, however we assu=
him that swinging a bell through 20 degrees wouldn't be a problem to fram=
or tower fabric, so was quite happy to 'have a go'

Treble and Tenor were roped up already, and were chimed from the (very we=
appointed, and quite spacious) ringing room. I said i would contact him
again to get a 3rd rope put on, so chiming could be resumed for Sunday
services only. I would go up and do a little maintainance - i.e. grease t=
bearings, and make the ground pulleys free, and oil the clappers (if

Oddly enough the bells are not tuned to a major key, can't quite remember=
but i think they were 1, 2, 3 of a 4, but were quite tuneful for Mears
bells!, also considering the size of the tower/frame, the bells have been
roped so that they all fall within 1.5ft of each other (possibly so 1 per=
could chime all 3 bells)

You can tell the old 5 were ringable, as there was a provision for rope
guides in the ringing chamber.


I also have inspected, and am the ringer at St. Catherine's church on
Aylsham Road.

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