David Bryant davidbryant at h...
Mon Jan 31 14:57:37 GMT 2005

Does anybody have the weights of the new ring at Writtle? I don't recall 
ever seeing them published anywhere, and the ringers' website has not been 
updated for several years.

Also, does the frame have a pit for the natural 2nd of 12? I wonder why they 
chose this option for a light eight, rather than having a flat 4th and extra 
treble. The advantage of the latter option would be that it would not give a 
12-bell circle, whereas having the treble and sharp 2nd of 12 does. I assume 
that at Grantham this was done because having a flat 4th would probably have 
involved even more substantial frame alterations than were already 
necessary, but Writtle was a new frame and I wondered what the reasoning 


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