Missing ring

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Thu Jul 7 16:47:20 BST 2005

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> I have come across a peal that should be listed in the complete 
Taylor rings:
> Dane Hill E Sussex 6 UK 2' 9 1/2" 7-3-5 1020.0 C 1898 
101/331 Two trebles added 1958 
> They seem to have been cast as the front 4 of 8, and then augmented 
with two trebles. I don't know if they went in with the 8 bell frame 
or not....
> Andrew Higson
> Bellmaster
> Taylor's, Eayre and Smith.

George Elphick states that the back four have the date 1897 on them 
and the front two 1958. He doesn't make mention of the frame 

It's 'Danehill' by the way: all oneword, not two.



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