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I'm not predjudiced at all. I just find all E&S rings very difficult 
to ring and strike for all sorts of fairly obvious reasons. I could 
never understand why E&S decided to re-invent the wheel. Why change 
the way bells have been hung using centuries of experience which 
produced some 1st class rings of bells which sound good and go 
superbly? It has always seemed to me that E&S do not design the 
hangings and hang bells as other hangers do.

Surely you must now be aware of the differences between Taylors 
hangings and fittings. We are interested to see which side 'wins'.

I am quite happy to hear from someone who has rung on some superb 
E&S rings. It is all down to personal taste.


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> David, your long-standing predjudice is showing again.
> David Marshall
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> > No one is condemning it.
> > 
> > There is a marked difference in the style of hanging and 
> > between the 2 original firms and my own personal view is that 
> > E&S version is far inferior to that of Taylors. The best answer 
> > would be Taylors bells, fittings, tuning and hanging in 
> > with E&S prices but I doubt that is possible. It will be 
> > to see how this can be reconciled.
> > 
> > David
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