philholtsdgr pippolucas23 at ...
Thu Jul 7 21:29:23 BST 2005

I've just had a nightmare. First David Hird accused of being prejudiced 
by an ex-Director of E & S (NO bias there then), and then even worse, 
the notion of E & S quality at Taylor's prices!
All joking aside, and accepting that in this life you very rarely get 
more than you pay for, then as long as customers were sufficiently 
aware of what they were getting, they at least had a cheaper option 
available from E & S.
But isn't all this moving away from Bell History, and the way this spat 
is developing, it could well end in tears. Over to you Mr Bryant, sir!
Phil Lucas
PS I've just seen David Hird's latest missive, and I can think of one 
E & S job, which are a pleasure to ring (at Steeple Langford, Wilts). I 
suspect though that a large part of the credit must go to the locals, 
who knew exactly what they wanted, and insisted they got it.


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