[Bell Historians] Pen y Fai

David Marshall davidjmarshall at ...
Thu Jul 28 15:22:35 BST 2005

David Bryant is quite correct - no.4 is a 36" Mears 1848 bell with a Nominal 
of 944Hz, from St Bartholomew RC Rainhill. However it is not correct that it 
was hung in a separate frame - there was a 6-bell frame existing, with a 
vacant pit. The bell happened to be within 13 cents of the correct note and 
was not retuned.
There was a lot of discussion about how this bell would sound with the other 
Taylor harmonically tuned bells. We, i.e. E&S, therefore commissioned David 
Bagley to produce electronically, a tape of such a ring of 6. On hearing 
this tape, the customers decided that although the bell sounded very 
different when rung alone, when all 6 were rung to changes they couldn't 
detect it. They therefore decided to use this bell rather than pay for a new 
one. I have to say that this went against the better judgement of John 
Baldwin- and the DAC (or whatever) offered a larger grant if they chose to 
have a new bell.
David Marshall


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