[Bell Historians] Re: A trawl through the archive

Richard Offen richard at ...
Wed Jun 1 06:14:40 BST 2005

> Verdin does have one or two vertical mills which can be used for 
> retuning old bells up to about a ton, but I don't think they have 
> anyone on their staff now who is capable of doing that properly. 
> Richard M. (Rick) Watson was once head of their cast bell and 
> carillon division, and developed a vast expertise in (re)tuning old 
> American chimes. But he left Verdin several years ago to operate a 
> foundry of his own in partnership with Bill Meeks. A couple of years 
> ago, they acquired a second-hand vertical mill capable of handling 
> bells up to about 72 inches diameter. For more information about 
> their operation, see
> http://www.chimemaster.com/bfoun.html
> For information about their carillon and chimes work, see
> http://www.gcna.org/data/IXfoundryMeeksWatson.html
> Carl

Thanks Carl, very interesting. Are M & W bells any good?



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