[Bell Historians] The 26 bells of St Wilfrid's Harrogate

Richard Offen richard at ...
Fri Jun 3 04:28:15 BST 2005

> Given that scrap bell metal was very valuable at this period, I find 
it somewhat surprising that St Wilfrid's is such an 'on the cheap' job, 
considering the value of surplus bell metal which there must have been. 
The frame is timber and appears to be locally made; the front six have 
headstocks of steel bar (cast iron stocks are on the back two only), 
and the bells are not at all easy to handle although they sound nice 
enough. I always assumed that money had been short, but from this it 
doesn't really look like it. I wonder why the whole lot wasn't 
obtained from Taylor's with cast iron stocks to all bells?
> David

Didn't it used to be standard practice at Taylors to hang their 
lightest bells on steel bar headstocks? If I remember correctly the 
front bells at Surfleet have this type of headstock, as do the trebles 
of the 1970s eight in Houston, Texas, to mention just a couple.



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