Re (2): [Bell Historians] The 26 bells of St Wilfrid's Harrogate

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Fri Jun 3 07:26:13 BST 2005

> Didn't it used to be standard practice at Taylors to hang their 
> lightest bells on steel bar headstocks? If I remember correctly the 
> front bells at Surfleet have this type of headstock, as do the trebles 
> of the 1970s eight in Houston, Texas, to mention just a couple.

Should distinguish between straight, square section mild steel and the
fairly elaborate W.I. stocks used circa 1900 - e.g. Painswick, Surfleet
and Loughboro BF etc. The former are an 'economy measure'.

On the subject of unusual headstocks, does anyone know if the rather
unusual Warner stocks pictured in the RW in the period 1915-ish on the
ring at Felstead are still extant? From Warners' blurb it sounds as though
at least some of them might have been aluminium.



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