Imber again

old_light michael at ...
Mon Jun 6 11:19:30 BST 2005

The following is a quote about from a book that I have on my desk:

"... The 17th century bell-rounds, notated in hand-wrought brick red
script, are still visible on the tower wall of St Giles' church. The
bells are gone (removed, like so many others, for the war effort,
though strangely we never saw any bronze battleships clanging out of
dry dock in return), but there's no shortage of pealing during August
[when the village is open to the public] thanks to a generator in the
graveyard and a tape deck wired to a couple of speakers. It's
primitive but effective."

There is also a picture of the numbering on the wall.

Now the best bit, the book is published by Penguin and called,
Bollocks to Alton Towers : uncommonly British days out.



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