Royal Ascot

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Mon Jun 6 13:33:03 BST 2005

The previous clock chime were cast by James Barwell in 1895:

Hour 41" 11-3-23 G
4th Qtr. 30" 5-1-2 C#
3rd Qtr. 24" 2-3-12 G
2nd Qtr. 22" 2-1-12 A
1st Qtr. 21 1/4" 2-0-22 A#
(Notes are approximate)
They were considered to be very poor indeed, and as can be seen, were 
not at all well in-tune.
They were recast by Whitechapel in 1960:
Hour 41" 12-1-17 G 391Hz.(B.B.C. pitch A=439)
4th Qtr. 29" 4-3-10 D
3rd Qtr. 24" 3-0-20 G
2nd Qtr. 22" 2-1-10 A
1st Qtr. 20" 1-3-19 B

At Ascot Priory, there are 2 bells, both cast at Whitechapel: a 
service bell of 48" 19-3-14 note E, cast in 1888, and an hour/Qtr 
bell of 65 1/2" 52-1-8, cast in 1862. The 1st Qtr. hammer strikes on 
the shoulder of the bell, the 2nd on the mid-waist, and the hour 
conventionally on the soundbow. The chimes sound very odd indeed!
Nigel Taylor


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