[Bell Historians] Pitches of bells

Richard Offen richard at ...
Mon Jun 13 16:31:42 BST 2005

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Dickon Love" <dickon.love at a...> 
> DJB:
> > Yes - I expressed it badly.What I should have said is "it is rare 
> find 
> > the tonic of a ring of bells described as being B#, E# or Gb.
> > 
> > That Better?!
> Yes, much better, except that I would go even further to say that NO 
> ring of bells is described to be in the key of B# or E#. At least 
> there are some Gb rings about.
> DrL

I don't know about B#, but there are plenty of 'B awful' ones about! 



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