[Bell Historians] Re: Pitches of bells

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Mon Jun 13 17:00:20 BST 2005

>Alas, to most ringers, the key of a ring simply means a little column
>to fill in on the 'Towers Visited' page in their Ringers Diary and it
>wouldn't really matter to them if the bells were in 'K blunt' (I can
>think of a few rings that are!). Surely for those who are
>interested in this matter, the only really meaningful method of
>giving the pitch of the tenor, and the other bells in a ring, is to
>do that: give the nominal frequencies in Hz.

Giving the note and the deviation is cents is also a precise way of 
describing the pitch, provided you know what pitch standard is referred to.



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