[Bell Historians] Perth

Paul Bibilo peb at ...
Wed Jun 15 02:07:01 BST 2005

George Dawson wrote:
> Oh dear, what am I letting myself in for, I will be there in late October.
I rang there in April, and decided that the tower probably moved as much as the 
Institute does, but it doesn't have anything like the height or weight of metal 
in the tower. For one (me) who hasn't rung at very many towers, it is unusual to 
be able to detect tower movement whilst ringing, and I could here.

Also, make sure you go there on a practice night, because they have a bizarre 
rule that only allows them to ring six bells on Sunday. I believe that all eight 
can only be rung when there isn't anybody else in the church, just in case the 
tower collapses (or something like that).


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