Re (2): [Bell Historians] Re: Bell pitches

Richard Offen richard at ...
Wed Jun 15 07:44:10 BST 2005

--- In bellhistorians at, s.ivin at n... wrote:
> CP:
> > I rather like the idea of trying to write a musical score for 
arhythmic (i.e. bad) ringing
> > 
> Yes, it's a good try at a joke, but syncopation is about emphasis 
or loudness, _not_ the
> underlying rhythm, surely.
> Steve

"Syncopation - A shift of accent in a passage or composition that 
occurs when a normally weak beat is stressed." 

The above definition sounds a very good description of much ringing 
I've heard over the years! We frequently manage a very good rumba 
rhythm when trying to ring rounds on 16 here in Perth!



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