[Bell Historians] Syncopation

Mike Chester mike at ...
Thu Jun 16 15:00:46 BST 2005

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> The best definition of syncopation is simply "swingy"

I think that my father would disagree! He is a jazz musician and 
though "Swing" music does play a pair of quavers as if they were a 
triplet quaver with the first two notes tied (i.e. a 2-1 relationship 
or "Doo-Da"). I would suggest that syncopation is more akin to "Trad-
Jazz" or, perhaps, "Ragtime" than swing.

One definition of syncopation is:

"A syncopation or syncopated rhythm is any rhythm that puts an emphasis 
on a beat or a subdivision of a beat that is not usually emphasized". 

Anyone ringing the 5th at Allesley will instantly recognise this!



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