[Bell Historians] Re: alternative to bells

Frank King Frank.King at ...
Thu Jun 16 17:25:28 BST 2005

DrL writes:

> The chimes are therefore known "Cambridge chimes".

I certainly refer to them as the Cambridge Chimes
myself. The relevant bells all date from 1722 and
1723 and are still in use. [The hour bell is not
original but, of course, is not part of the chimes
if you are being pedantic.]

The Cambridge Chimes date from 1793. E.W. Denison
copied these for Westminster in 1858 and there is
every indication that he fully acknowledged their
source. It is not his fault that there are some
people who refer to them as the Westminster Chimes.

Many in the Palace of Westminster know where the
Chimes come from. Indeed, in 1993 when the Chimes
celebrated their 200th anniversary, I received a
personal `birthday card' from Madam Speaker herself!

Frank H. King
University Bellringer
AND Clock Keeper
Cambridge, U.K.


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