[Bell Historians] St Bride's

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Fri Jun 17 04:41:47 BST 2005

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> >St Bride's, Fleet Street...
> Probably not the right mailing list for this, but isn't it about 
time this historic location in the history of the exercise had a 
decent number of proper bells in it once more? If the College Youths 
and Cumberlands worked together, perhaps London could get its first 
sixteen - after all, London has to be the only place in the world 
that should comfortably be able to support sixteen bell ringing but 
which doesn't have a sixteen bell tower. Cutting the extra rope 
holes in the concrete floor might be a pain in the bum, but I take it 
that the tower is a reasonable size (especially by London standards!) 
and that fitting them in shouldn't be too problematic.
> Ben Kipling

I ring at a sixteen bell tower on an almost daily basis, but must 
admit that I'm still not convinced about the overall musicality of 
sixteen. What about a decent twelve instead?!



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