[Bell Historians] St Bride's

Dickon Love dickon.love at ...
Fri Jun 17 09:15:33 BST 2005

Ben Kipling:
> >St Bride's, Fleet Street...
> Probably not the right mailing list for this, but isn't it about 
time this historic location in the history of the exercise had a 
decent number of proper bells in it once more?

Yes, but all in good time. We are currently working on getting a new 
ring of 12 into St Magnus the Martyr to replace the former 10 
removed just before the war. There is also a plan in principle to 
replace the bells at St Michael's Cornhill with a more appropriate 
twelve once it reaches the top of the church's priority list. St 
Bride's won't go away, but has not been forgotten.

"If the College Youths and Cumberlands worked together, perhaps 
London could get its first sixteen"

I am not sure why the Cumberlands would be interested in a new ring 
of 16. I believe they have never rung a peal on 16 yet so does not 
appear to interest them much. Besides, they still have Shoreditch to 
sort out.

"Cutting the extra rope holes in the concrete floor might be a pain 
in the bum, but I take it that the tower is a reasonable size 
(especially by London standards!) and that fitting them in shouldn't 
be too problematic."

The tower isn't actually that big inside. There is also a lot of 
brick and concrete about. My personal view is that a ring of 16 
WOULD fit in there, and that the tenor of this ring is already 

Richard Offen:
"I ring at a sixteen bell tower on an almost daily basis, but must 
admit that I'm still not convinced about the overall musicality of 

Well you wouldn't - you're a Cumberland! :)



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