Leaning Tower of Pisa

nigelsdtaylor nigeltaylor at ...
Thu Jun 23 13:53:55 BST 2005

I visited Pisa a few months ago, and being late in the day, the tower 
was not crowded with visitors, so I was able to have a good look at the 
bells. According to the details given, the largest bell weighs 71 cwts. 
although I would say it was perhaps lighter than this, given that its 
note is a flat "B" (or A##!) and from feeling the soundbow thickness (I 
did not have any calipers with me!). It is however, very tall, and has 
enormous canons which would boost the weight somewhat. Tonally, the 
bells are poor; several have flat hums and very flat 2nd partials. The 
fittings are dilapidated, and the bells are now fixed so they cannot 
swing, and the levers have been removed. The bells are sounded with 
internal electro-magnetic hammers.
Personally, I think that with modern counterbalanced swinging fittings, 
the bells could be swung, and they do hang radially which is a big 
Nigel Taylor


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