Dunham Massey

Richard Offen richard at ...
Fri Jun 24 01:46:42 BST 2005

> I surmise that this was done to allow the trebles to be hung out from 
> a wooden headstock compared with the tenors - all bells originally 
> had canons. It was clearly not done for tonal purposes, the primes 
> sharpen from 250 cents flat in the treble to 235 cents sharp (!!) in 
> the tenor.

Weren't these bells tuned by Taylor's when they rehung them in the 

If you want to hear a truly dreadful sounding bell, go to Dunham Massey 
Hall (NT) and listen to the stables clock bell. I used to have to sit 
through meetings in the stables block below pretty regularly and would 
wince every time it struck ...it became a running joke with my 



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