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> > Where does it `specifically explain' that? Perhaps I've missed 
> From http://www.lovemytown.co.uk/CityStatus/index.htm (shame about 
the errant apostrophe)
> Can a Town lose its City Status?
> If a city council is lost in local government re-organisation then 
so is that town's city status (unless the monarch decides to restore 
it on application by the former city). 
> Rochester lost city status in 1998 when it became part Medway 
Borough with Gillingham, and Hereford lost it in 2000 when it became 
Hereford Parish within the County of Herefordshire. 
> Hereford re-applied in 2000 and was successful. Rochester has 
never re-applied and is the only town in civic history to have lost 
and not recovered it's city status.

Thank you! I did miss it!

It's interesting, because Medway Council still seems to think that 
Rochester is a city!

Oh well, this hardly has any relevance to bell history!

Ho hum!



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