[Bell Historians] Settle

Benjamin Kipling bdk at b...
Tue Mar 1 19:07:43 GMT 2005

>Anyone any information about the problems that occured at Settle 
>last friday? 

A brief statement has been sent to the Ringing World. I don't have it to hand, but it runs along the lines of: 

Last Friday night, during ringing a quarter peal before the dedication service following retuning and rehanging, the 1887 Warner 4th bell at Settle broke apart. Nobody was hurt and no significant damage was caused to the bellchamber floor, bellframe or fittings. Ben Kipling has tendered his resignation as a result, and this has been accepted. Discussions are currently underway with the church authorities to find the best way of rectifying the situation. 

Further to this, I can now add that the remains of the 4th bell have been cleared away, and that we are currently attempting to organise a replacement bell. 

Benjamin Kipling 
Hayward Mills Associates (until my notice period ends)


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