George Dawson George at d...
Wed Mar 2 09:42:05 GMT 2005

Carl Scott Zimmermann has sent me the following information on the
Indianapolis 'ring':

> You're half right. :-) The existence of a sally does not imply the
> existence of a corresponding wheel.
> Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, has American bells, hung in
> the American chime style. None of the bells swing, nor does Joe say
> that they do. (For that matter, they have never done so). See my
> Webpage at
> If I remember correctly from my visit there in Nov.'01, the four
> "sallies" are actually miniatures, more suitable for one hand than
> for two. Thus they would be unsatisfactory if used on a bell hung in
> the English style, but are quite adequate for change chiming via
> ropes over pulleys to eyes in the clapper flights.
> By a curious coincidence, the Episcopal cathedral in Houston, Texas,
> has the same name as the one in Indianapolis and also has bells that
> can be change-chimed using sallies. However, those are tubular
> bells. See my Webpage at
> I have never visited there, and so cannot provide further details.
> Cheers!

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