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I'm not sure that anyone has actually checked that the published weights ar=
e the correct ones here. Looking at them, I suspect they probably are, but =
remember that the tenor is actually a hundredweight lighter than previously=

True, but if the published weights of the other bells apart from the tenor =
had been altered I would have expected the weights to be evened out so that=
the trebles appeared lighter than the 3rd and 4th.

In cases of Taylor twelves where the trebles are heavier than the 3rd and /=
and 4th it is usually the case that the trebles have flange tops - e.g. St=
Margaret's, Leicester, Oldham. The only exception I can think of is Rother=
ham, where the trebles are slightly heavier than the 3rd and 4th but do not=
have flange tops. G&J did sometimes cast trebles with flange tops (e.g. Bi=
rmingham Cathedral).

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