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Not E&S, David

Taylor's rehung these in 1988. They were hung for ringing prior to that, bu=
t judging by the state of the fittings not for the previous hundred years o=
r more! The frame is a short headed king post type with straight diagonal b=
races. The bells were rehung with trigger type clappers on a continuous har=
dwood headstock spanning all 3 pits.

Bell details:

1) 28.75", founder unknown, 1618, 3-3-8 (inscription reads FILY DEI MISERRE=
RE MEI 1618 if that gives a clue)

2) 32.25, J Warner, 1876, 5-3-27

3) 36.5, J de Stafforde, ca 1370, 9-0-22 note 870Hz A

The tenor is an exceptionally fine bell. Its shape would not be out of plac=
e in modern practice. The founder also knew a bit about harmonics and what =
part of the bell to thicken to affect them. The inside shoulder had been ob=
viously thickened up to raise the fundamental, consequently the bell was ve=
ry nearly harmonically tuned when it came in:


It was tuned down to:


and sounds fabulous, in stark contrast to its neighbour!

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