[Bell Historians] St. Thomas, Exeter

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Thu Mar 10 17:09:25 GMT 2005

"Does anyone know anything more about these bells? We are particularly
keen to find tuning details from G&J at the time of casting (1923)."

The tuning books for these bells are held in Croydon Library. A copy is also
held by Alan Buswell.

"There is one descrepency on the tenor weight. The photo at the
foundry has a board in the background, detailing the tenor as 14-2-08.
We have always considered it as 14-3-08, as does Dove, and all the
details at the tower."

This is not unusual for Gilletts. Rochester Cathedral bells are exactly the
same. Dove and the tower notice and the tuning books say the tenor is
30-0-14. The photograph of the bells has a notice saying 30-1-12. You can
see a picture of this on:

There are some places where the discrepancy is even more bizarre where the
tuning books differ from the notice in the tower. See:



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