St, Thomas Exeter and Rochester cathedral

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Fri Mar 11 13:33:15 GMT 2005

I remember St. Thomas's Exeter as being a very good, musical ring, 
with a tenor that has a near major 3rd tierce. I also seem to recall 
that a previous vicar (Robert Welsh?) was hanged from the tower in 
1549 for persisting in "popish practices" and his involvement in the 
siege of Exeter.
I have looked at the photo of Rochester cathedral bells on Dickon 
Love's site. The profiles of the bells do not vary very much; the 
main differences are in the relative shoulder heights: the tenor is 
fairly tall, the 9th, and to a greater extent, the 8th and 7th are 
rather dumpy, and the 2 trebles are of a rather different profile. 
They are tall and have higher soundbows. The shape leading from the 
lower waist to the soundbow is also different. South Croydon trebles 
are also of this profile.
Incidentally, the board mounted behind the bells in the photo appears 
to state 30-0-12 and not 30-1-12, unless my eyesight is even worse 
than I thought!
Nigel Taylor

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