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They are indeed by William & John Taylor of Oxford, 1828, though the third
was recast by Taylors in 1936. Details:

1. 301/2" 6-1-13
2. 32" 5-3-12
3. 331/2" 7-1-20
4. 351/4" 7-0-18
5. 39" 8-3-26
6. 423/4" 13-0-15 in F

Source: John Scott's notes on the Diocese of Exeter.

Andrew Bull

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Subject: [Bell Historians] St Bridgets Bridestowe Devon

I am doing some research for my father concerning Bridestowe bells and was
wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the bells weights and
founder information - I believe they are Taylors bells. My father is
involved in writing a history of the Church and any info would be greatly

Regards &


Robert Brown

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