Quarr Abbey

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Wed Mar 16 13:32:05 GMT 2005

The bells are indeed by Bollee 1912 (I was getting mixed up with 
Jersey!). Our notes say that the largest is C#, but I remember it as 
being nearer "C". They sound quite good.
57" 35-0-0 C
43" 14-0-0 F
38" 10-0-0 G
34" 7-1-0 A
The bells have large canons and hang in a 3-tier steel frame: largest 
in bottom tier, 3 and 2 in middle, smallest hung above no.2.
They were rung conventionally when I visited in 1982. We last quoted 
for converting them for electric swinging in 1999, but have heard 
nothing since. There are 4 other bells hung in turrets around the 
abbey; one is a 1903 Taylor bell of 18" diameter.
Nigel Taylor

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