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We have the following extract from the church's history in our file:

In 1887 the Vicar received an estimate of =A3610.7s.6d for a peal of 8 bell=
s. It must have been too much for in the upshot bells 1 (E flat), 6 (G), 7 =
(F) and 8 (E flat were bought at a cost of =A3419.15s.0d. They were fitted =
with a "Warner's No. 1 chiming apparatus"................................
Thanks to which the bells were never swung, only chimed....................=
The chime was never completed but in 1961 it was thoroughly overhauled and =
is now in good working order and used regularly.

Do these count as lost? More never found I would guess!

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The three & four bell group have identified another lost ring: Cullercoat=
es, Tyne & Wear, S. George, 4, 22cwt. David Hird believes they were rung pr=
ior to WW2 and re-hung for chiming after WW2. Does anyone have a more preci=
se date (year) for the conversion to chiming?
Many thanks

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