[Bell Historians] Cullercoates

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Fri Mar 18 18:00:19 GMT 2005

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> The inscription on the tenor, as I have it at home (the inscription 
> not the tenor!), actually implies that these were intended to be a 
> ring of 10, though I believe documents might suggest a ring of 8.
> Mike

Peter Rivet in his "Bells of the Durham & Newcastle Dioceses" has it 
as treble, 7th, 8th and tenor. It is not too much of a leap to have 
this as should be described as treble, 6th, 7th and tenor, as 
suggested by the tuning. 

As David Hird informs me that that to get up to the bells you need to 
climb a long metal ladder that is further away from the wall at the 
top than the bottom I will leave it to other, more intrepid, 
historians to get the rubbing!


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