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> The third and tenor were indeed cast by Taylors in 1896.
> Andrew Bull

[and are not quite true-harmonic and are fitted with coeval iron stocks.
> Andrew Bull and I are compiling a Somerset bells list, but I don't appear to
> have any details of these. Andrew has been through the Taylor records, so
> I'm surprised that if it is a Taylor job we don't have details. Who are the
> frame / fittings by? If it was a local bellhanger (i.e. probably Thomas
> Doble of Taunton) that might account for us not having the details. Doble
> did obtain his bells from Taylor's generally, and his frame castings I
> suspect - these have his name on but are identical to Taylor ones. The
> frames are usually composite. Perhaps CJND can comment further on Doble's
> frames.
> David
[Taylors' records would indicate whether the two new bells in 1896 were
supplied through Thomas Doble or A N Other. The treble and 2nd have older,
wooden stocks, and the (king-posted) frame is certainly not by Doble; nor
is it particularly ancient.

I last visited the tower in 1969 and my notes are fairly sketchy but I hope
accurate as far as they go. CD]

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