Bells & World War two.

jim phillips jim at p...
Mon Mar 21 15:25:12 GMT 2005

David Bryant wrote:-

>So far as I'm aware there was no general intention for this to happen,
>although cast iron railings, etc, were often removed from churchyard and
>other walls to be used in making munitions.

There is a mystery surrounding the disappearance of the ten at Charles 
Church, Plymouth. The late Canon C Kelland Peake (a ringer and former 
vice-president of the Truro Guild) once told me that the City of Plymouth 
Corporation 'pinched' the bells of Charles Church. I suggest someone from 
the Guild of Devonshire Ringers endeavours to find out what really happened 
to this rather fine ten and if the City Corporation did take them, then the 
Guild should ask for them to be returned. 

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