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John Oldham, of John Taylor & Co, writing to Aubrey Bennett of Buckfastleig=
h on the subject of St Sidwell, Exeter, on 5th January 1943, added:

What's he say about St Sidwell's then. All I know of their fate is that the=
9th is now hung dead in a tripod thingy at the east end of the new church =
(I've seen it several times - canons seem to be off - who hung it there?), =
and the tenor was recovered from the rubble by the demolition contractor wh=
o secretly broke it up and sold it as scrap, an act for which he was taken =
to court. Rumour has it that the front eight were scrapped.

The post-war church was a few years ago converted into flats and a cafe, wi=
th part remaining as a chapel.

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