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The bells still hung in the hald tower which survived until the Royal Engin=
eers pulled it down. They were recovered from the rubble except the tenor w=
hich went exactly as David said. The new church was designed with a tower w=
hich was never built. 1-8 and the remains of the tenor were indeed scrapped=
and the ninth rehung for electrical chiming on the tripod thingy by John T=
aylor & Co

I've got a book somewhere with a picture of the church after the bombing. T=
he bellframe can be seen hanging out of the tower (which for those who don'=
t know was split down the middle, with the western half remaining standing =
and the eastern half collapsing) and one of the bells is lying on its side =
on top of the rubble.

Are there known scrapping weights for the bells, and was any of the tenor r=
ecovered from the scrapyard to whence it had been taken by the dubious demo=
lition contractor?

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