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When I compiled the PM notes for the CCC on the redundancy of the present S=
t Sidwell's, JGMS informed me that the chancel - and the bell - would be ke=
pt in use there.

It was intended to hang a ring of bells in the never built tower, but I hav=
e a sketch of it, in which it looks rather slender for a ten of that size -=
but then so did the old one too.

The net weioghts of the six bells which survived were:
2nd 5-3-7
3rd 6-2-23
4th 7-1-2
5th 8-1-6
6th 9-1-20
9th 16-3-3
Together with 29-2-17 of broken bells delivered at Loughborough July 1943. =
A total net weight of 4-tons 3-cwt 3-qr 22-lb

A year before, JT & Co had quoted for recasting the whole ring and in 1954 =
they were talking of a ring of twelve, tenor 28-cwt, in two tiers with 1,2,=
9,0,T below. The matter was deferred in 1957 and by 1963 they had given up =
the idea altogether.

As CJP has said, it took them a while to get their act together over the su=
rviving 9th which hangs in a tapering steel octagon for stationary electri=
cal chiming.=20
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Just to add to what David Cawley said, Taylors rehung the bell in the ste=
el tower in about 1968. The work was ordered in December 1966, but there's =
a note in the job book "1968 not yet sent off". The bell was Pack & Chapman=
1773, 48.125" 16-0-25 as sent out.

I've a feeling that it's gone now the church is no longer in use, but can=
't be sure

I'm pretty sure it was still there when I last went to visit my sister in=
Exeter, which was in late November. It was the weekend of the Crediton ded=
ication, at which I saw Chris.

I'll have another look next time I'm on Exeter. It's difficult to see muc=
h of the bell as it's quite high up and the framework is in the way.

The chapel formed out of part of the church is still in use. It's a joint=
parish with St Mark's (nice Taylor eight soon to be ten), and St Matthew's=
(rather fine Victorian church with unfinished tower containing one bell hu=
ng for ringing).


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