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There's an article by John Scott on Clyst St George on the front page of the
Ringing World of 29 October 1993.

Andrew Bull

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The old bells were rehung in an H frame (still there) by Taylors in 1937. As
restored, they were:
1. Warner 1862 27" 4-0-14
2. Warner 1859 28.125" 4-1-9
3. Warner 1888 29" 4-0-11
4. Warner 1862 32.125" 5-3-1
5. i b of Exeter, C15th 35.75" 8-0-4
6. Warner 1864 40" 11-1-11 (it weighed 12-1-13 as supplied in 1864)

After the War, the bells were recast by M&S who reused five of the stocks
(providing a new stock for the fifth) and Taylor frame, supplying new
wheels, clappers, stays and ball bearings etc. The new bells are 4-1-18,
4-2-12, 5-1-18, 6-0-13, 7-3-22, 10-2-21 in A flat (I don't have diameters)

Clyst St George was, of course, where the Rev. H.T. Ellacombe was incumbent
in his later years.

I worked in the tower with Arthur Fidler in 1972 - my student summer
vacation job - when he overhauled the clappers and bearings. But I've never
rung there!


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