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Today I came across a set of ringers' rules painted on the wall in the base=
of a church tower. Interestingly, the church in question is in a very rura=
l part of Yorkshire and only has a ring of three (now hung dead). The rules=
clearly indicate that in 1723 the bells were being rung full-circle, despi=
te there being only three of them. I find this interesting as it is often u=
nclear whether rings of three have been rung other than very occasionally.

The rules run as follows:

I pray you Gentlemen beware,
And when you ring ye Bells take care;
For he that rings and breaks a ftay,
Must pay sixpence without delay,
And if you ring in Spurs or Hatt,
You must likewise pay sixpence for
Michael Gill Clarke.

The rhyme seems to break down somewhat towards the end!

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