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> Does anybody have details of the former and present rings at Church 
Kirk, Lancashire? I understand that the old ring were by Taylor's 
1926, and after they were destroyed by fire they were replaced by a 
second-hand ring from Pendlebury.
> Does anybody know what of the old frame and fittings were reused? 
Presumably the frame and the metal fittings will have survived the 
> David

As David has said, the fine Taylor eight (with "Lancashire" tail 
ends, as seen at Accrington), were lost by fire.
It was not the fire that got them, but the firemen spraying water 
directly onto the hot bells.
A shame as the Taylor ring was excellent.
If my memory serves me correctly, the replacement ring is ex 
Pendlebury, and by either Mears or Warners- I forget which.
I seem to recall the existing Taylor frame was rebuilt/ adapted.
I cannot really recall if the stocks or clappers from the previous 
bells were reused.
Certainly, the church was without bells for several years.


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