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Sat Mar 26 21:48:51 GMT 2005

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> I thought it was the steel six from Stainland (about three miles 
from Sowerby Bridge) that were bought by Andy Thornton Antiques. I 
seem to remember someone telling me that they had seen them at the 
dealer's showroom, but that is probably at least ten years ago. I 
hadn't realised that the Sowerby Bridge bells went there as well. 
> I thought the Stainland bells were in a local park near the church.
> David

Raymond Clayton from Hoghton knows where Stainland bells are- he 
maintains the Clock (or used to) and is a ringer.
I went up the tower with him soon after the bell metal chime was 
I seem to recall they were a collection of bells tuned by Taylors, 
and I think they are mainly (if not all) Taylor bells.
Chimed via Ellacombe rack.
Nice looking tower as well.
Will ask Raymond the location of the Vickers six.
I was led to believe that someone wanted to patch the old fittings 
up at Stainland with regard to a peal before the steel six were 
removed (1985?)



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