[Bell Historians] Re: This message is not in displayable format

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at ...
Mon May 2 15:26:41 BST 2005

Some email programs have the option of sending messages in (a) only 
plain text, (b) only HTML, or (c) both plain text and HTML. I 
suspect that the "not displayable" messages have been sent as only 
HTML, which makes them forwardable but not digestible (pun intended). 
For messages sent with option c, the list server can use the plain 
text portion of the message; it doesn't have to "convert" HTML into 
plain text.

Since I don't get the digest, I don't see this problem. If someone 
who gets the digest can identify and notify the sender of such 
messages, then that person might be able to reconfigure their email 
program properly.


At 10:18 +0100 2005/05/02, Roderic Bickerton wrote:
>I enjoy the digest but recently several regular contributors have 
>gone over to HTML.
>Digest readers get :
> "This message is not in displayable format"
>Please consider this when sending, as it is making the digest of 
>very limited value.
>Your good moderator says:
>It's caused by the messages being in HTML format. The digest is in 
>text format, and for som reason it doesn't convert HTML into plain 
>text - I don't know why. The only thing you can do is receive 
>messages individually, or look at them on the web.


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