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If my memory serves me correctly, when I stayed at Arthur Fidler's B&B at
Rame on a Graham Nabb ringing tour in the early 90's he was in the process
of rehanging them for chiming.

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>Subject: Re: Rame, Cornwall
>Are they ringable?
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>> I refer to an inspection made July 4th 1978.
>> Treble: 28 3/4 Ins. Weight given as 4 3/4 cwt.
>> Mears and Stainbank Founders London 1902
>> St Michael Wind and Storm Fulfilling His Word
>> Soundbow 2 1/8 in.
>> Six Canons.
>> Second: 30 1/2 Ins Weight given as 5 3/4 cwt.
>> + Deo Qrasias (Founders mark of Robert Norton of Exeter) 
>> This bell was cast in approx 1430. The first letter 'D' is 
>actually an inverted Q
>> Canons have been removed from this bell
>> Tenor: 34 7/8 Ins Weight given as 7 1/4 cwt
>> Thomas: Wooldridg: Rector I (founders mark) P: Stephen: 
>Edwards:Gent: Ienkin Ball Ch Warden 1723
>> Soundbow 2 1/2 ins. Six canons.
>> Bells hung from wooden stocks and have wheels and stays.
>> They are hung on plain bearings in 2 tiers, the treble being on 
>> Hope this helps.
>> Ian Self
>> Cornwall
>> Shaun Brown <shaun.d.brown at g...> wrote:
>> Does anyone know anything about the bells in the small church on 
>> head in Cornwall. The dedication is St. Germanus.
>> Cheers
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