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Thu May 12 09:03:43 BST 2005

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> I suspect the bell foundries sometimes churned out "kitchenware", 
there is 
> certainly a large cast cooking pot at Hampton Court Palace kitchens 
> inscribed with "R @ O @ 1677" (@=fleur-de-lys). Is this likely to 
be Richard 
> Oldfield? I think Hereford museum had a small Rudhall mortar on 
display a 
> few years ago.
> A number of founders (e.g. the Byrdalls of Exeter) seem to have 
been primarily pot founders, who cast bells as a sideline.
> David

Many founders made bell metal mortars - Thomas Hatch of Ulcombe for 
instance (see picture in "A Third Kentish Patchwork" by Robert H. 
Goodsall - Stede Hill Publications, 1970).



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