[Bell Historians] RE: [r-c] Taylors - Eayre & Smith merger

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at ...
Mon May 16 20:13:40 BST 2005

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> I should imagine the two companies and all the directors have more 
> things to think about than headstocks and pulleys. 
> Bm

I would strongly disagree.
One of the two companies at present tends to hang flat top bells at 
the back end of a ring with a result they are sluggish (as witnessed by 
numerous persons recently at a job in the North of England).
It is attention to detail like this, plus the qauility of bell 
componants and craftsmanship that people take notice of.
Getting the hang of a ring of bells right is also of paramount 
I know which stocks and pulleys I would choose and I suspect other 
individuals have thier own preferences as well.
Overall, I would have said that the fittings to be supplied in the 
future should be pretty high on the discussion list.
I do, however wish the new company all the best.



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