Blatant advertising: Church Bells of Oxfordshire

revddrjohnbaldwin Dovemaster at ...
Sat May 21 09:49:32 BST 2005

Members of this list might like to know that the Sharpe Trustees have 
had Church Bells of Oxfordshire (published in parts, 1947-53)
digitised and is it now available on CD-ROM.  

Anxious about the ease with which CDs can now be copied (with
detriment to the financial viability of the project), they are asking
purchasers to make an explicit undertaking not to allow copies to be 

Accordingly the following advertisement will be submitted to the RW 

Frederick Sharpe's OXFORDSHIRE on CD (£15 on receipt of a
signed undertaking not to allow any copy to be made). Books also 
available: Herefordshire (5 parts: £5 each), Berkshire (£10),
Gloucestershire (with Mary Bliss £25). Cheques: Sharpe Collection 
Trust - from John Baldwin, 60 Llantrisant Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, 
CF5 2PX.

Anyone who'd like me to bring a copy to the CC meeting at Harrogate
is invited to contact me off list (Dovemaster at ...).


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