[Bell Historians] Re: Southwark Bell

Chris Povey cmpovey at ...
Mon May 23 08:29:49 BST 2005

Richard Offen:-
> Back to an old subject: I notice that the bell has neither locknuts
> or splitpins on the bell bolts ...don't think I want to ring that one!

I think you would be resticting yourself unreasonably, Richard. None of the
bells at Evesham, for instance, has either split pins or locknuts on the
bell bolts. These bolts are, however, fitted with thick spring washers
underneath the nuts. None has shifted in 54 years. I cannot think Taylors
did this as a one-off. In fact, I cannot recall anything but spring washers
on Taylor bell bolts. I guess the others follow this practice.

Although it's difficult to see on the photographs, I suspect HMA fitted
spring washers, too.

Chris Povey


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