[Bell Historians] Imber Bells

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Fri May 27 06:59:22 BST 2005

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> Apart from the extant 3rd bell (Edington 5th), the remainder were 
> supposed to have been used to provide additional metal for 
> However Fred Slatford (former SDGR secretary) from North Bradley 
> visiting the foundry, while Edington's ten were there, and 
> the ex-Imber bells still there as well. Whatever bell-metal was 
used to 
> cast the Edington bells couldn't have come from Imber, if Fred is 
> correct and he is still adamant this is the case.
> [Quite probably. It reinforces the point which I made in a letter 
to the RW a few weeks ago, that the basic concept of a recast bell is 
bollocks. Each one is a new casting, which may or may not include 
some or all of the metal of its predecessor and / or have its 
predecessor's inscription reproduced in facsimile or modern 

You're right! Nobody gets their old bells back, even if the 
original metal goes into the pot: most of the tin goes up the foundry 
flue whilst the metal is molten - that's why founders always 'tin up' 
just before casting!



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